The Books have been released!

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A little haphazardly, admittedly, I’m new to the whole book crossing thing! I should have made note of which number book went where, but I forgot… Anyway! They are out there, in the following locations in Monmouth – La Piazza … Continue reading

Advice from Aria the Faerie!

Today’s reading is from Aria’s Oracle, and it’s a good reminder to keep hydrated in the particularly hot weather we have been having! And also to look after yourself. Aria may like to have fun but she is a very wise Faerie!




Positive Living Summer Fayre Monmouth

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Yesterday, we went to the Positive Living Fayre in Monmouth, organised by Niki of the magical Peace of Stone. The weather was beautiful, the people were fabulous and I for one had a great time! I had discussions about alien … Continue reading

The Elphite is now available!

The Elphite

The Elphite is now available on Amazon in paperback, and on Kindle. Buy your copy now and get it in time for Christmas!  You can read more about The Elphite in my last blog post. The official launch is on the 21st December, in Peace of Stone in Monmouth, and there will be nibbles, mulled wine, cake and bucks fizz! There will also be signed copies available, and if they arrive in time from America, some limited edition merchandise too!

I haven’t blogged much recently due to being so crazily busy, releasing a book this close to Christmas, while working full time, working on my own business and still finding time to eat and sleep is a bit crazy, I may have to revise my publishing schedule for next year!

Well, it’s time to eat now, I look forward to feedback from my readers on my latest novel!


The Elphite Cover Reveal!

Just an update on my latest novel. The cover is now ready to be revealed! And here it is:


It will be launched officially on the 21st December 2012 (yes, I am launching my book on the last day of the Mayan calendar!) and the launch party will be held at Peace of Stone in Monmouth. It will be available as a paperback and on Kindle and Smashwords.

Very excited now!!

A new interview from Aria!

Aria was interviewed by the World Literacy Cafe (the lucky Faerie!) and her interview has just gone live!

Simply click here to read it, otherwise she’ll get upset!

You may have to sign up for an account to read it, but it’s quick and easy and will be worth it, I promise!

Choose your own reality!

Well, I spent an entire Sunday writing, and as a result, I finished a mini non-fiction book titled “Choose your own reality.” Within four days I edited it and published it.

(2014 Update: Choose Your Own Reality is now a bonus book that can be found at the end of The Doorway to PAM, which you can buy in paperback and on Kindle. It is also included in the Visionary Collection Kindle boxset)

It was quite an amazing feeling, sitting in the sunshine, writing while the birds chirped away. Definitely something I plan on doing more of in the near future.

As for my novel, I have just finished another edit, but plan on doing one more before publishing, and have a friend designing the cover, so will need to rendezvous with her on that, but it seems like everything is on track to publish by the 1st July. Might even be able to do it sooner, though I’d like to get the website up and running first. Just need to work out a marketing plan too, this is definitely one of my weak points, so I may need to enlist the help of some friends to get the word out about my novel.

Well, I’m having a very lazy sunday right now, so I think I’d better be useful and tackle the mountain of washing up!